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Paper Dolls Inspired by Outsider Art

By Ethan Switall
4th-year IntuiTeen

Possum Trot-inspired paper dolls

Popcorn & an Outsider Art Movie

Welcome Intuit’s artists into your home with these documentaries and films featuring self-taught and outsider artists. Let yourself be transported into the artists’ creative processes, visionary worlds and built environments. Our recommendations have something for everyone, whether you are seeking…

Elijah Pierce: Wood Carver

Behind the Scenes: Exhibition Loans to the MCA

By Christina Stavros
Intuit Registrar

Sister Gertrude Morgan artwork

Homemade Watercolors

One of the values we hold at Intuit is that great art can be made with modest, everyday materials.  We hope you have been able to make art with your family as you stay home. If you have younger kids…

Henry Darger's homemade paint pots

Five Books to Keep you Company

Perhaps you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. You’re working at home with your partner or roommates, entertaining restless children, tackling organizational projects, or binge watching your favorite movies and shows. At this time of heightened anxieties, the thought of sitting…

Outsider Art Sourcebook cover

Book Binding Two Ways

Create your personalized artist journal or notebook at home. Homemade books can be a great way to document what you see, think and feel. Self-taught and outsider artists have used art as a means of communication, to seek connection and…

What is outsider art?

Intuit defines outsider art as “the work of artists who demonstrate little influence from the mainstream art world and who are, instead, motivated by their unique personal visions. The easiest way to understand what it means to be an outsider…

Joseph Yoakum artwork

How to: Get Intuit

While our doors remain closed during this time of social distancing, Intuit will be bringing the museum to your home through our new Get Intuit blog. We’ll regularly update this space with information on outsider art, behind the scenes features…