Debra Kerr, President and CEO

Photo of Debra Kerr, Executive DirectorDeb Kerr comes to Intuit from a 17-year career at the John G. Shedd Aquarium, where she held progressively responsible positions, including executive vice president from 1999-2010. She is a past board member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, past chair and instructor for its Professional Development Committee and management courses, and past chair of the zoo and aquarium committee for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. Deb serves on the board for the Merit School of Music and on the National Wildlife Federation’s Great Lakes Leaders Council. She is a member of the American Alliance of Museums and a past board member of the National Veterans Art Museum. She is a frequent guest speaker on issues related to museum relevance, teen empowerment, and activating the public for social good.

Alison Amick, Senior Manager of Exhibitions and Development, Chief Curator

Photo of Alison Amick, Senior Manager of Exhibitions and Development, Chief CuratorAlison Amick received her master’s in art history from Indiana University in 2002. Amick’s interest in outsider and self-taught art led her to Intuit, where she began as a volunteer. Prior to joining Intuit in 2016, she served as a curator at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art for more than a decade.

Julie Blake, Special Projects and Merchandising Coordinator

Photo of Julie Blake, Special Projects and Merchandising CoordinatorJulie Blake joined the Intuit staff in 2017 as a marketing intern through the museum studies program at Oakton Community College. A life-long learner, Julie holds a bachelor’s in art from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. She brings direct experience in business development, strategic planning, customer relationship management, and event and retail management to the Intuit Store. She loves collaborating in creative environments where she can combine her right and left brain functions. Julie began creating visual and performing art at an early age, and she is drawn to the power of outsider art and Intuit’s mission to promote its awareness.

William Deschler, Finance and Operations Manager

Will Deschler received his bachelor’s degree in learning and organizational change and his certificate in design from Northwestern University in 2021. In college, Will spent three years doing nonprofit research for the University’s Network for Nonprofit and Social Impact Lab and interned at a nonprofit in the Bay Area. He joined Intuit in June 2021 through Northwestern’s Public Interest Program and has experience in nonprofit finance, research and business strategy. Will is a lifelong appreciator of the arts and is passionate about the public sector.

Claire Fassnacht, Development Manager

“PhotoClaire Fassnacht received her master’s degree in arts administration from Boston University in 2017. In the summer of 2015, Claire co-facilitated the IntuiTeens summer youth program at Intuit, from which her exploration and interest for outsider art stemmed. While living in Boston, she was the student services administrator with Boston Ballet School, responsible for website building, data management and customer relations. An appreciator to many types of art, Claire is also a gamelan musician and dancer and holds a bachelor’s in percussion performance from Lawrence University.

Tina Horton, Development Associate

Tina HortonTina Horton received a bachelor’s in music education from the University of Florida in 2015 and a master’s of music in musicology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2019. She gained experience in event management and fundraising efforts through her involvement with various music ensembles and organizations. These opportunities sparked her interest in learning more generally about non-profit work related to the arts. Before joining the staff, Tina was a development intern with Intuit in 2020, when she was introduced to the world of outsider art. She was quickly drawn to Intuit’s mission and its heartwarming community. She is also pursuing her doctoral studies in musicology and researching music-making in Filipino American communities.

Charlie Miller, Guest Services Associate

Photograph of Charlie Miller wearing glasses, smilingCharlie Miller received his bachelor’s degree in art history from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2020. His academic focuses were film and architectural history, which culminated in an architectural research project that was exhibited at the Château de Chambord in France’s Loire Valley. Charlie’s interest in outsider art led him to Intuit, where he first joined as a graphic design intern in 2018.

Claire Renaud, Assistant Registrar

Claire RenaudClaire Renaud earned her bachelor’s degrees in fine art from the University of Toulouse (France) in 2016 and art history from the University of Strasbourg (France) in 2018. She earned the first year of her master’s degree in contemporary art history from Panthéon-Sorbonne University of Paris and completed her master’s degree in collection management and collection care from the École du Louvre (Paris, France) in 2020. Her strong interest in the arts is centered around their conservation and exhibition. After experiencing the registrar’s duties in other museums and galleries during college, Claire first joined Intuit as a collections and exhibitions intern, during which she became particularly invested in the care and diffusion of the museum’s collection.

Paula Santos, Senior Manager of Learning and Engagement

Paula Santos is a museum educator who relishes teaching diverse and multigenerational audiences. She comes to Intuit with over a decade of experience in museums such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Museum and the Whitney Museum. She is a graduate of the Leadership in Museum Education masters program at Bank Street College and earned her bachelor’s degree in art history from Williams College. In addition to her career in museums, she is the host of Cultura Conscious, a podcast on why and how museum and cultural workers work with community.

Christina Stavros, Registrar and Facilities Coordinator

Photo of Christina Stavros, Registrar and Facilities CoordinatorChristina Stavros received a BFA in printmaking with a minor in art history from Pennsylvania State University in 2014. Christina’s life-long passion for the arts led her to Intuit, where she began as an intern in the Collections and Exhibitions Department. Christina comes to Intuit with past gallery and events experience. She also continues to practice the arts through painting and mixed media works.

Larry (Tate) Tate, Guest Services Associate

Photograph of Larry Tate wearing a black, pink and white floral shirt before a background of green ivy on a white wallTate first partook in IntuiTeens, the museum’s summer youth program, in 2021. Interests in sharpening their leadership skills, communication and nonprofit work led them to Intuit. Tate is a senior at Kenwood Academy, serving as a member of The National Art Honors Society. Revealing their fascination with the arts at an early age, they specialize in graphic design, photography and visual effects. Tate is charmed to return to Intuit to indulge further in the realm of outsider art. To Tate, Intuit advises a calm, inspirational space to emerge in established self-taught, visionary and outsider artists and a heartwarming community.

Joshua Willis, Guest Services Associate

Joshua WillisJoshua Willis received his bachelor’s degree in art history from Berry College in 2016. Growing up in rural Georgia surrounded by folk and outsider art, he developed a passion for self-taught art at a young age, eventually specializing in the genre in college. Joshua first joined Intuit in 2018 as an intern and member of the Young Professionals Board. He is excited to share the power of outsider art with audiences at one of the premier museums of its kind in the world.

Lindsey Wurz, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Lindsey Wurz earned her bachelor’s degrees in art history and general communication from Purdue University in 2019. Her academic emphases were public relations and strategic communication. In 2021, she earned her master’s degree in arts administration from Boston University. Lindsey first joined Intuit as an administrative intern in 2017, when her interest in self-taught art began. She cares deeply about sharing cultural experiences and knowledge with her community and is inspired by how museums continue to evolve and connect with their growing audiences.