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Thank you, donors, for providing access to powerful exhibitions and programs inspired by outsider art to people of all backgrounds. We are pleased to recognize our esteemed contributors.

November 2019-October 2020


Janet and Craig Duchossois
Debra Kerr and Steven D. Thompson
Jan Petry
The Saul Family


Robert T. Grossett and Christopher LaMorte
Ashley and Mike Joyce
Victor Keen and Jeanne Ruddy
Scott H. Lang and JoAnn Seagren
Angie Mills
Robert A. Roth


Harriet Finkelstein
Ellen M. Glassmeyer
Tracy Holmes
Michael McCluggage and Stella Lee
Phyllis G. Rabineau and John Alderson
Ruth DeYoung Kohler Foundation
Minna and Charles Taylor
George Viener
David Walega
Janet Williams and Ralph Concepcion
Eugenie and Lael Johnson


Katie Adams
Paula and Gordon Addington
Robert Alter and Sherry Siegel
Judith and Patrick Blackburn
Daniel and Marty Boone
Richard Bowen
Russell E. and Barbara Bowman
Dianne Bowman
James Brett
Bill and Solange Brown
Kerry James Marshall and Cheryl Lynn Bruce
Leslie Kay Buchbinder
John Cain
Cindy Coleman
Josh Feldstein
Marjorie R. Freed
Nancy S. Gerrie
Charlotte and Jerry Glashagel
Moira Collins Griffin and Andrew Griffin M.D.
John C. Jerit
Kelly Jones
Christopher K. and Sara G. Julsrud
Jim Kaufmann
William Dean and Roberta Kerr
Rob Lentz and MK Victorson
Paul Levy and Mia Park
Kathi and Tom Lind
Sue and John Lowenberg
Deiken Maloney
Frank Maresca and Alejandra Russi
John P. & Ann K. McAllister
Bonnie and Molly McGrath
Gary Metzner and Scott Johnson
Elizabeth P. Nelson and Adam R. Kallish
Katy Niner
Benedicta Badia and Martin Nordenstahl
David Owsley
Anthony Petullo
Grace Rappe
Leisa Rundquist
Sage Brokerage Holdings, LLC
Michael Shapiro
Susan Manning Silverstein and Rob Silverstein
Toni Smith
Jerry and Judy Stefl
Kimberly and Andy Stephens
Michael Sullivan
William D. Swislow and Janet Franz
David Syrek and David Csicsko
Dale E. Taylor and Angela Lustig
The Niner Foundation
The Robson Family Fund of Horizons Foundation
Jessica and Bryan Wain
Laura and Bob Watson
Stacy Wells and Rick Farrell
Mary Williams and Mike Lenehan
Cleo F. Wilson
Michelle Woods


Polly Allen
Shirley Blackburn
Julie Blake
Dana Boutin and Sean Fogle
Doug Bristol and Carol Ehlers
Jeff Cahn
Greg Cameron and Greg Thompson
Diane Corbett
Colleen and Kevin Doherty
Claudia Dreifus
Thomas Dyja
Douglas Engmann
Madeleine and Joseph Glossberg
Scott Gordon and Rand Koehler
Diane and Gerald Hansen
Robert S. Jersey
Just Folk
Charles Katzenmeyer
Lena E. Kondo
Ashley and Curt Langley
Joseph Lombard
Kevin Lyle
César Montenegro
Judy Newton
Project Onward
Robert Ramin and Denise Deconcini
Janet Roderick and Randall Buescher
Leslie Shad and Joseph Brennan
Twisha Shah-Brandenburg and Thomas Brandenburg
Jennifer Siegenthaler and Philip Cable
Janet Carl Smith and Mel Smith
Lisa Stone and Don Howlett
Liz Strause and Robert Larrimore
Gerald Swislow
Jeffery and Mary Lou Sydel
The Shapiro Grynsztejn Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Trudy and Jim Westerman
Lorena and Karl Wirsum
Zachary Wirsum and Patricia Courson
Janice and Erich Wurz
Gary R. Zickel and Franco Gianni

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