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September 2022–August 2023


Alphawood Foundation
Builders Initiative


Ashley and Michael Joyce
Kiyoko Lerner
Jan Petry ◊
Robert A. Roth •

Scott Lang ◊ and JoAnn Seagren
Cecelia Taman


Dorothea and Leo Rabkin Foundation
Janet and Craig Duchossois
Sage Foundation
Gibson Family Foundation
Illinois Arts Council Agency
Eugenie Johnson •                                                                                                                  Deb Kerr ◌ and Steven D. Thompson
Ruth Foundation for the Arts


Daniel and Marty Boone
Nancy Gerrie
Robert Greenberg and Corvova Lee
Jean and Lewis Greenblatt ◊
Robert Grossett ◊ and Christopher LaMorte
Tracy Holmes ◊
John Jerit
Kelly Jones
Just Folk
James Kaufmann
Ashley and Curt Langley
Rob Lentz ◊ and MK Victorson
Michael McCluggage and Stella Lee
Bonnie ◊ and Molly McGrath
Angie Mills
Cesar Montenegro ◊
Anthony Petullo and Beverly Trier
Tynnetta Qaiyim ◊
Phyllis Rabineau ◊ and John Alderson
Jeanne Ruddy Keen and Victor F. Keen
Susan Manning Silverstein and Rob Silverstein
Judy and Jerry Stefl ◊
Nikki and Fredric Stein
William Swislow ◊ and Janet Franz
David Syrek ◊ and David Lee Csicsko
Dale Taylor and Angela Lustig
Terra Foundation for American Art
University of Kentucky Art Museum
Stacy Wells ◊ and Rick Farrell
Janet Williams and Ralph Concepcion • Cleo Wilson


Paula and Gordon Addington
Meg and Steve Barnhart
Elaine and Michael Bennett
Judith and Patrick Blackburn ◊
Edward V. Blanchard and Leslie Tcheyan
Gabriella Bomben p
Dana Boutin ◊ and Sean Fogle
Carl Hammer • The Chicago Tour Company
Diane Ciral
Moira Collins Griffin and Andrew Griffin, MD
Marjorie Freed • Nancy Gomez
Jennifer and Scott Gordon
Charles and Kathleen Harper
Fay Hartog Levin and Dan Levin
William Hinchliff
Paige and Todd Johnson
Kathi and Tom Lind
Sue and John Lowenberg
Kevin Lyle
Bruce MacGilpin
Gary Metzner and Scott Johnson
The Niner Foundation
Deborah Oestreicher and Victor
David Owsley
Diane Picciuto
Tyler Roberts p and Louisa Potthast
Douglas Robson
Frank Maresca
Leslie Shad p and Joseph Brennan
Eugenie Shields
Jennifer Siegenthaler and Philip Cable
Emily Slabe
Lucy Slivinski and Kahil El’Zabar ◊
Susan Stephenson
Micki Beth Stiller
Lisa Stone • and Don Howlett
Michael Sullivan
Gerald Swislow
Minna and Charles Taylor
Barbara and Victor C. Weisskopf
Marsha Woodhouse
Michelle Woods ◊
Karen Zupko


Paula and Gordon Addington
Daniel Aubry
Judith and Patrick Blackburn ◊
Russell Bowman
Carl Hammer Gallery
Amy Coleman
Haoshu Deng
Nancy Gorman
Eric Hill
Ruth Horwich
Nancy Josephson
Eugenie Johnson • Victor F. Keen
Beatriz Ledesma
Kiyoko Lerner
Pamela Lui
Jim Mackey
Thomas McCormick Gallery
Frank Maresca
Amy Meadows
Claude-Aline and Sandro Miller
Angie Mills
Harris Nathan
Jan Petry ◊
Portrait Society Gallery of Contemporary Art
Linda Reeve
Leisa Rundquist
Ody Saban
Saul Family Collection
Luke Shemroske and Project Onward
Lisa Stone • and Don Howlett
Angela Strater
Sue and Christopher Swales
William Swislow and Janet Franz ◊
Dale Taylor and Angela Lustig
James Zanzi
Jerri Zbiral and Alan Teller

Legacy Society

Harriet Finkelstein • Jan Petry ◊
Phyllis Rabineau and John Alderson
Susan and Christopher Swales ◊
Cleo Wilson ◊
Karen Zupko

Donations in honor

Dana Boutin ▪

Marsha and Edward Fogle
Sean Fogle
Susan Stephenson

Claire Fassnacht ◌

Charles Katzenmeyer                                         

Gillian Hodge and Dolly Palmer

Sharon Miller

Debra Kerr ◌

Jeff Boehm
Fay Hartog Levin and Dan Levin
Melissa Hilton
Warren Munzel
Kristine Westerberg

Jan Petry

Mary Allen
Barbara Provus and Frederick Wackerle
Donna Speigel
Michelle Woods

Scott Lang ◊ and JoAnn Seagren

Josie-Dee Seagren

Marc-Anthony Macon

Jennifer Heaton
Sherry Newton
Phil Strang
Sarah Weeks

Lisa Stone

Lewis Koch
William Swislow
Lee Swislow
Cleo Wilson and Bob Roth
James Adams
Susan Crawley and John Murrill
Mary and Scott Donaldson
Eileen Lally
Angie Mills
Aurie Pennick
Earl Silbar
Jim Ward

Donations in memory

Richard Bowen

Ian CaLorraine and Randy Barba
Debra Kerr ◌ and Steve Thompson
Monica Geocaris
Jennifer Gilbert
Mary and Matthew Lambrecht
Robert A. Roth
Arthur Urban
Hugh Wilson and Fran Wilkinsonrey

Susann Craig ●

Amy and Neil Coleman

Karen Frerichs
Patty Carroll and Tony Jones

Ingrid Fassbender

Bruce MacGilpin

Richard Kember

Susan and Christopher Swales

Rock Rogers

Leslee Samuelson

Eric Weisenburger

Lisa Stone and Don Howlett

James Zanzi

Carol “Corky” Wolf

Deborah and Estia Eichten

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Intuit is supported in part by a CityArts Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

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Intuit is supported in part by an American Rescue Plan Act grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support general operating expenses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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