Board of Directors

Intuit exists because of the dedication, hard work, guidance, vision and generosity of its Board of Directors.

Executive Committee

Tracy Holmes – President
Scott Lang – Vice President
Phyllis Rabineau – Secretary
Patrick Blackburn – Treasurer and Chair, Finance Committee
Bill Swislow – Chair, Exhibitions Committee
Twisha Shah-Brandenburg – Chair, Marketing & Communications Committee
Tim Bruce – Chair, Collections & Acquisitions Committee
Michelle Woods – Chair, Development Committee
Jerry Stefl – Chair, Education Committee
Marjorie Freed – Chair, Facilities
Jan Petry – Past President


Rich Bowen
Robert Burnier
Cheri Eisenberg
Rob Grossett
Ashley Joyce
Rob Lentz
Deiken Maloney
Bonnie McGrath
Elizabeth Nelson
Benedicta Badia Nordenstahl
Tynnetta Qaiyim
Michael Sullivan
David Syrek
David Walega
Stacy Wells
Cleo Wilson
Zachary Wirsum
Dana Boutin, ex officio representing the Young Professionals Board

Vivian Society

Life Trustees
Kevin Cole
Ralph Concepcion
Susann Craig
Harriet Finkelstein
Carl Hammer
Eugenie Johnson
Ann Nathan
Bob Roth
Judy Saslow
Lisa Stone

Strategic Advisory Council

Susan Baerwald
Michelle Boone
Russell Bowman
Janet Duchossois
John Jerit
Victor Keen
John Maizels
Frank Maresca
Douglas Robson
Ashley Smither Langley
Leslie Umberger
Scott Lang, Chair