Planned Giving

Build Your Legacy at Intuit

Champion outsider art for years to come!

As one of Intuit’s most loyal supporters, you understand the power outsider art has to transform audiences and unite people across generations and life experiences. To help the museum grow and thrive for years to come, Intuit accepts planned gifts in all shapes and sizes, including retirement assets, cash, insurance, stocks and bonds, art and real estate. Make a commitment today and join Intuit’s Legacy Society to inspire future audiences.

What is the Legacy Society?

In 1991, a small group of artists, collectors and art dealers had their first meeting to discuss forming a group devoted to outsider art. That group became Intuit and has now grown to more than ten thousand annual visitors and hundreds of museum members. The legacy of that first meeting continues today as supporters of all giving levels continue the movement to celebrate outsider art and help ensure the long-term sustainability of the museum.

Formed in 2020, the Legacy Society was created to recognize those individuals who have made a commitment to include Intuit in their estate planning.

Whether you are a long-time supporter of Intuit or you have recently become affiliated with the museum, your gift to Intuit demonstrates your commitment to making a difference for our community, near and far.

There are ways of creating your Intuit legacy that:

  • Require no immediate donation. The asset you donate transfers to Intuit only at your death.
  • Maintain your ability to change your mind at any time. You are not locked into a decision you make today.
  • Enable you to make loved ones and Intuit your beneficiaries.

Benefits include:

  • Invitations to exclusive receptions and private art collection tours
  • Name recognition in The Outsider annual publications and online, if you so choose to be recognized
  • Personalized assistance to help you enhance your involvement with Intuit
  • Knowing that you, like Intuit’s founders and many others, have made a lasting contribution that will help to ensure the future of Intuit

To learn more about the Legacy Society or ways to support Intuit through a planned gift, please contact Claire Fassnacht, development director, at (312) 624-8000 or Inquiries are confidential and imply no obligation. We look forward to talking with you.

Legacy Society Overview
Legacy Society Packet
Letter of Intent
Intuit IRA Charitable Distribution Handout
Suggested Language for Bequest

What our legacy society members say

A woman with short white hair wears a black top with a long silver, silk scarfI made a planned gift because Intuit demonstrates time and time again a strong trajectory of growth; today it’s one of the world’s premier museums of outsider art. We’ve come a long way since Intuit’s founding in 1991, and I trust Intuit to deliver another 30 years of programs of which to be proud.” –Susann Craig

A woman with short white hair wears a black and white striped shirt and a thin silver necklaceAs someone who has been amazed and inspired by self-taught art-makers, and who has been intimately involved with Intuit’s mission to advocate for and exhibit this work, I am compelled to include Intuit in my estate planning so that others will continue to be educated and enriched.” –Jan Petry

A woman with blue and purple hair in profileMany museums are intimidating—their overwhelming size, the way the art is presented. At Intuit, the feeling is welcoming from the moment you step in the door. This is art by ordinary people who have created beauty out of the ugliness of their lives – it is all relatable and joyous. It would be an honor to have my pieces in Intuit’s collection. My purpose in assembling these collections has always been to share them with the community, and Intuit offers the perfect showcase for accomplishing that mission.” –Harriet Finkelstein

Please consult your attorney and financial advisor concerning tax-related matters. Intuit holds all planned gift arrangements confidential, unless given express permission by the donor to disclose.