Standing in Solidarity with Social Justice

Written by the Young Professionals Board

Standing in Solidarity with Social Justice

As champions of work by artists who express their inner visions—often in the face of racist oppression and exclusion—Intuit’s Young Professionals Board stands in solidarity with those fighting for justice and the end of white supremacy. Prejudice from ignorance and hate can have no place in any facet of our society, including the art world. We recognize there is work to be done, and we are committed to expanding access and inclusivity. We are dedicated to learning and growing together as a board and as individuals.

We continue to learn from these amazing artists from our interactions with them and our experiences with their work. Self-taught art shows us that anyone, regardless of training, education, class or race, can create work that speaks truth to power. In the words of artist Dr. Charles Smith (as cited by Hageman, 2011), “…ART [is] the strongest method of EXPRESSION and PROTEST in the world.”1 As members of the Intuit community, we strive to uplift these voices of resistance and condemn the institutional and systemic racism that breeds senseless violence. Black lives matter.

Gallery image of Dr. Charles Smith artwork on display
Installation of work by Dr. Charles Smith on view in Chicago Calling: Art Against the Flow. Photo by Cheri Eisenberg.


1 Dr. Charles Smith, Charles Smith: Homecoming, DuSable Museum of African American History, Chicago, Illinois, quoted in William Hageman, “‘Charles Smith Homecoming’: Whimsical vision informs quirky art,” Chicago Tribune, October 5, 2011,