National Intern Day 2020

National Intern Day 2020

National Intern Day: July 30, 2020

Intuit is thrilled to celebrate our 2020 interns on National Intern Day! Our interns play invaluable roles at the museum, and we are grateful to work with a great group of diligent, intelligent and passionate emerging professionals.

Matthew Bruyere, Collections & Exhibitions Intern
Spring 2020

Matthew Bruyere

Matthew Bruyere recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago with bachelor’s degrees in art history and film. The experience that stands out to Matthew the most was the opportunity to work on Outsider Art: The Collection of Victor F. Keen. In his role, he saw the exhibition transform from idea to assembly to opening. Matthew saw all the work that goes into creating and installing an exhibition, which motivated him to work even harder. He found the exhibition opening to be both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Erla Dervishi, Education Intern
Spring 2020

Erla Dervishi

Erla Dervishi studies art history and political science with minors in sociolegal studies and French as a rising junior at Loyola University Chicago. Erla says her internship at Intuit provided her with insight into what museum life is really like, and it showed her how important teamwork is in a museum setting. In her role in the education department, she realized how important it is to make programming accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. She thinks having access to the arts from a young age onwards
makes an impact on a person’s life. Since leaving, Erla misses the positive atmosphere and the upmost appreciation for the arts that the entire staff of Intuit has, and she will take the lessons she learned as an intern into her future endeavors.

Colin Jesse, Collections & Exhibitions Intern
Spring 2020

Colin Jesse earned his bachelor’s degree in art, media and design with a minor in marketing from DePaul University in 2018. Colin first joined Intuit as an intern in collections and exhibitions shortly after graduating; he now works at Intuit as an administrative associate. As a practicing artist with a focus on art spaces, he finds the functions of the museum to be personally enriching and the space itself to be an endearing source of pure, creative spirit.

Claire Renaud, Collections & Exhibitions Intern
Spring 2020

Claire Renaud

Claire Renaud is currently pursuing her master’s degree in artwork preventative care and collection management at the École du Louvre. After her graduation in November 2020, she aspires to become a registrar. Claire enjoyed working on a variety of tasks, including preparing and packing artwork, creating condition reports, managing the collections database, and setting up exhibitions. Throughout her time at Intuit, she gained a broad insight into the life of a museum professional and what it means to take care and manage a collection. Claire appreciated the relationships she formed with the Intuit staff, and she was happy to be a member of the team.

Anna Ferguson, Administrative & Development Intern
Summer 2020

Anna Ferguson

Anna Ferguson recently graduated from the University of St Andrews with bachelor’s degrees in Arabic and international relations. She works directly with the development manager on a variety on development projects and finds her projects to be engaging. July 30 is not only National Intern Day for Anna, but it is also her graduation day from the University of St Andrews. Congratulations, Anna! She looks forward to beginning her master’s degree in Arab studies at Georgetown University in August.

Nura Husseini, Graphic Design Intern
Summer 2020

Nura Husseini

Nura Husseini recently graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Master of Fine Arts degree in visual communication design. Her internship experience gave her insight into how rewarding it is to work at a cultural institution. Nura enjoys working with a team of supportive and innovative individuals and within a unique and valuable organization. Her goal is to continue working with arts and culture institutions in the future, and she’s happy to have this opportunity at Intuit. She looks forward to continuing her work with the Intuit team to bring the Visionary Ball to life in October!

Noah Manalo, Videography Intern
Summer 2020

Noah Manalo

Noah Manalo is a rising sophomore at Northwestern University, where he studies economics and radio/ television/ film with a concentration in English. Noah enjoys working at Intuit, and he values the professional experience the museum offers. He enjoys working with the staff and learning more about the world of outsider art.

Joshua Willis, Administrative & Development Intern
Summer 2020

Joshua Willis

Joshua Willis is a transplant to Chicago from Georgia. Growing up surrounded by folk and outsider art, he developed a passion for self-taught art, specializing in the genre while studying art history at Berry College. His favorite project as an intern was assisting curator Faheem Majeed with his 2019 exhibition Creative Impulse: Works by Robert Johnson and E. Nix. In addition to being an Intuit intern, he is a member of the Intuit Young Professionals Board.