Visionary Ball 2023

Friday, June 2, 2023
5:30–8:30 p.m. central
329 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60654

Visionary Ball 2023

Visionary Ball 2023 in green, red and black font

Visionary Ball 2023
The fundraiser celebration for Intuit

Visionary Award Recipient: Dr. Charles Smith
Honorary Chair: Lionel Rabb

Visionary Ball unites the worldwide community of artists, art appreciators and advocates for Intuit. This year, Intuit will honor Dr. Charles Smith with the Visionary Award, an accolade given to those doing outstanding work in the field of outsider art. The fundraiser celebration will be held at the House of Blues’ Foundation Room, where Intuit members, friends and supporters will gather to reflect on and celebrate the exhibitions, programs and events that championed outsider and self-taught art and artists.

Many don’t realize that Chicago’s House of Blues is home to more than just music—adorning the halls is one of the largest permanently displayed collections of outsider and folk art! As you enter Visionary Ball 2023, enjoy a diverse array of works by Mose Tolliver, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Roy Ferdinand, Howard Finster and more.

Get excited for…

  • Remarks by Visionary Awardee Dr. Charles Smith and Ball Chair Lionel Rabb
  • Live music
  • Silent auction
  • Festive atmosphere
  • Stirring stories of your Intuit support at work
  • In-person connections with Intuit friends
  • Food and cocktails!

Visionary Ball proceeds support the museum’s ability to make powerful self-taught and outsider art experiences accessible to all.

Purchase tickets, browse auction items and donate on the Visionary Ball 2023 website.

Visionary Ball 2023

Dr. Charles Smith
Visionary Award Recipient

Dr. Charles Smith stands outside, in front of sculptures; he wears eyeglasses and a black beret with a gold pin; his hands are extended with palms facing up
Photo courtesy The Art of Dr. Charles Smith, Inc.

A preacher, activist, Vietnam veteran and divinely-inspired artist, Dr. Charles Smith has a creative output that encompasses thousands of sculptures. These sculptures, made since 1986, depict the tragedies and triumphs of the African-American experience. His works, many of which are gifts for his communities, challenge conventional notions of what art is and where it’s expected to be found. He uses the adopted title “Doctor” to communicate the elevated level of wisdom garnered from his life experiences and work.

Learn more about Dr. Charles Smith →

Lionel Rabb
Visionary Ball Chair

A white man, identified as Lionel Rabb, stands in front of a black and white photograph; he wears a blue shirt, a black suit jacket, and eyeglasses
Photo courtesy Lionel Rabb

A Chicago native, Lionel Rabb serves as chairman of the board of directors for the National Veterans Art Museum and as president of the Chicago Park District-Jefferson Memorial Park Advisory Board. He co-founded the Chicago Art Center / Ed Paschke Art Center, which focuses on providing public access to the work of legendary artist Ed Paschke, and founded the Art of Dr. Charles Smith, Inc., a nonprofit that protects and promotes Dr. Smith’s art and legacy of art-making and teachings. Rabb is part of an effort to expand cultural capacity and access throughout the City of Chicago.

Learn more about Lionel Rabb →

Thank you, Visionary Ball sponsors!

Platinum Sponsors
Ashley and Mike Joyce

Gold Sponsors
Corvova Lee and Robert M. Greenberg
Jean and Lewis Greenblatt
Scott Lang and JoAnn Seagren
Angela Lustig and Dale Taylor
Bob Roth and Cleo Wilson
Jeanne Ruddy and Victor F. Keen

Silver Sponsors
Art of Dr. Charles Smith, Inc.
Susan Baerwald and Marcy Carsey / Just Folk
Debra Kerr and Steve Thompson
Jan Petry
Lionel Rabb