Intuit welcomes new board members

October 5, 2023

Intuit welcomes new board members

Pictured left to Kahil El’Zabar, Maya Patel and Vincent Uribe. Courtesy of themselves.

October 5, 2023–CHICAGO – Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art (Intuit) welcomes three new board members, Kahil El’Zabar, Maya Sonal Patel and Vincent Uribe. 

“The museum is pleased to welcome these new board members, who bring a variety of skill sets and experience with Intuit to their governing role,” said CEO and President Deborah Kerr. 

Kahil El’Zabar is a multi-talented interdisciplinary artist trained in music, visual arts and writing. He is an accomplished educator, events curator and experienced arts administrator, who has worked for The National Task Force for Arts in Education under President Clinton and with Steppenwolf Theater and the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. El’Zabar and his wife, artist Lucy Slivinski, are long-time members and supporters of Intuit. 

A native of Kansas City, Maya Patel is a consultant at Bain & Co. and recently completed her Kellogg School of Management MBA board fellowship at Intuit. In addition to her MBA, Maya holds a master’s in design innovation from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s in engineering from Duke University.  

Vincent Uribe is the director of exhibitions and external relations at Arts of Life and director of LVL3, a volunteer artist-run exhibition space. Uribe holds bachelor’s degrees in fine arts and in visual critical studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he recently joined the graduate faculty. He is a recent contributor to Intuit’s The Outsider magazine. 

About Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art  

Founded in 1991, Intuit presents the work of self-taught artists—artists who worked outside the mainstream and may have faced societal, economic or geographic barriers to a traditional academic path of art making. The museum’s mission—to champion the diverse voices of self-taught art, welcoming both new and familiar audiences—is grounded in the ethos that powerful art can be found in unexpected places and made by unexpected creators. The museum facility is currently closed while the museum is being renovated and is expected to reopen in late summer 2024. 

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