Black lives matter

Black lives matter

Dear Intuit community,

Black lives matter.

I, and the entire Intuit staff, are heartbroken and angry. We at Intuit grieve the wrongful deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and so many other Black people across our country. Intuit stands in solidarity with those working toward justice and change. We extend our deepest condolences to the countless families and communities who have lost loved ones as a result of police violence committed against Black people.

Intuit will be pausing our programs this week to honor Black lives. As a staff, we will take this time to look inward. We are engaging in meaningful, honest discussion about what Intuit can and will do to move forward with purpose. Meanwhile, we plan to use our platform to highlight the organizations that are leading the fight against racism and oppression.

As a cultural institution, it is our duty to help facilitate and champion crucial change making. Founded on inclusivity, Intuit advocates for work by artists who are inspired to express their inner visions, often despite discrimination and disenfranchisement. We aim to lift their voices and share their stories; however, we acknowledge this alone is not enough. There is so much work to be done, and we are committed to listening, to growing and to holding ourselves accountable.

Over the past year, Intuit joined the American Alliance of Museums’ Facing Change: Advancing Museum Board Diversity & Inclusion, a national initiative to diversify museum boards and leadership. Through this initiative, Intuit is taking action to create a more inclusive, supportive environment for our guests, community and staff. We recognize we need to reflect on our own internal practices in order to build a more equitable institution. With the support and expertise of our Facing Change Senior Fellow, Intuit has established a diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion task force to actively facilitate discussions on these important aspects of our work among our board and staff.

We have a responsibility—as a museum and as individuals—to create a more just world. We encourage you to continue this conversation with your loved ones, neighbors and community leaders. You can learn more from, donate to and get involved with these Chicago organizations doing powerful work:

In solidarity,
Debra Kerr
President and CEO