Friedman Place Weavers

Friedman Place Weavers

Friedman Place weavers, who are residents of a facility for people with visual impairments, have been producing handwoven cloth and products for more than three decades. Weaving is Friedman Place’s most popular activity. Creators work directly with instructors to develop projects and products about which they are passionate.

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Photograph of a man wearing a blue shirt, weavingDon learned to weave when he came to Friedman Place more than a decade ago. According to Don, “Weaving is like playing music. It’s refreshing. When I weave, it makes me feel free.”

Photograph of a woman wearing a long woven garmentElizabeth has been interested in fiber arts since childhood when her mother taught her how to sew. In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys knitting hats and scarves.

Photograph of a man wearing a blue shirtOne of Friedman Place’s youngest weavers, Joseph loves weaving because it keeps him moving and active. When he weaves, Joseph says he feels like all of his senses are complete.

Photograph of a woman wearing a yellow shirt, weavingMaria, or “Rie” for short, is a weaver, artist and musician. She uses her art to tell the story of her faith and heritage. Rie was able to achieve her childhood goal: To weave just like her grandmother.

Photograph of a man wearing a red shirt, weavingWally has been a resident at Friedman Place since October 2009. He began his weaving journey a week after he moved in and is still weaving up a storm!