Teacher Fellowship Program

"Teaching in relative isolation, with few supplies and getting by, by hook or by crook, is very common in a low-income neighborhood high school. That was pretty much how teaching art at Wells Community Academy was before we became part of the Intuit Fellowship Program. The program owes a great deal of its success to how accommodating, gracious and invested the staff are with teachers. The fellowship rejuvenated my love of art and passion for teaching through viewing art collections, collaborating with other teachers, and meeting and making art along side of artists..."
                                                — Susan Mullen, Wells Community Academy

Intuit’s Teacher Fellowship Program is an award-winning professional development program for teachers from Chicago Public Schools. Each year, we provide professional development for 22 teachers from 12 Chicago Public Schools. The program is comprised of five Saturday training sessions in the Fall, which are designed to inspire ideas for innovative cross-curricular development based on the characteristics of self-taught art. The training sessions include: lectures, artist workshops, tours of outsider art collections, and teacher field trips to museums. The teachers in turn create lesson plans that are implemented in the classroom during the Spring, with support from Intuit staff members. The program ends with an exhibition of selected student artwork where family members and friends are all invited to attend. The goal of Intuit’s Teacher Fellowship Program is to bring self-taught and outsider art to the classroom. The core value of the program is enabling teachers to give their students an opportunity to translate their personal vision into art-making using non-traditional materials. By participating in the program, teachers can make an informed decision for their lesson planning and help their students extrapolate the characteristics of an outsider artist or a group of artists through their own artwork.

Participating teachers will receive 2 Lane Credits (or 30 CPDU’s), a stipend for classroom supplies, and reimbursement for bus transportation to Intuit. They will also have access to our Robert A. Roth Study Center, which is full of rare and interesting books to help generate lesson ideas.

Intuit’s Teacher Fellowship Program received the Superior Achievement Award from the Illinois Association of Museums in 2011, the Distinguished Service in the Profession of Art Education Award from Illinois Art Education Association in 2009, and the Appreciation for Contribution to and Support of Arts Education from Illinois Alliance for Arts Education in 2001. Intuit’s Teacher Fellowship Program 2017-18 is sponsored in part by generous grants from Crown Family Philanthropies, Polk Bros. Foundation and Terra Foundation for American Art, as well as through donations from Intuit's members. In an effort to continue providing distinguished service, Intuit partners with Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education to assess and improve our Teacher Fellowship Program.

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To apply: The program is open for Chicago Public Schools teachers only. Teachers apply in teams of two from the same school. Educators who specialize in subjects other than art are encouraged to participate and partner with their school art teacher.

Our next round of applications will be for the school year of 2018-2019. The deadline for submitting applications is April 30, 2018.

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