Teacher Fellowship Program Student Exhibition

Postcard design by Sandra Mars

Postcard design by Sandra Mars

June 3-July 4, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 10, 2-5 p.m.
Curated by Joel Javier and Melissa Smith

Intuit's Teacher Fellowship Program Student Exhibition will showcase participants in the 2016-2017 Teacher Fellowship Program. Inspired by self-taught and outsider art, students transform found and non-traditional materials into art pieces that reflect their personal visions. Join us for a free, family-friendly opening reception on June 10.

The Teacher Fellowship Program is Intuit's award-winning professional development program for teachers from Chicago Public Schools that reaches more than 600 students across Chicago annually. The core value of the program is enabling teachers to give their students an opportunity to translate their personal vision to art-making using non-traditional materials in a non-judgmental environment: Each person has creative potential. By participating in the program, teachers collaborate with colleagues on a lesson plan to help their students integrate the characteristics of outsider art into cross-disciplinary arts learning. Intuit's Teacher Fellowship Program is sponsored in part by generous grants from Crown Family Philanthropies, Polk Bros Foundation, Terra Foundation for American Art, Alphawood Foundation, and Driehaus Foundation.

The 18 teachers whose students will be represented in the exhibition are from nine participating Chicago Public Schools, including: Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School, John W. Garvy Elementary School, Morton School of Excellence, John Marshall Metropolitan High School, Ogden International School, José Clemente Orozco Community Academy, Vaughn Occupational High School, Thomas J. Waters Elementary School, and Wildwood IB World Magnet School.

Adolf Wölfli (Swiss, 1864-1930). Untitled, 1928. Graphite and colored pencil on paper, 13 x 18 ½ in. Collection of Audrey B. Heckler. Photo by Visko Hatfield

Adolf Wölfli (Swiss, 1864-1930). Untitled, 1928. Graphite and colored pencil on paper, 13 x 18 ½ in. Collection of Audrey B. Heckler. Photo by Visko Hatfield

Unreal Realms

January 20-March 26, 2017

Curated by Jan Petry and David Syrek

As a jumping-off point, Unreal Realms takes the world Henry Darger imagined in his Tolkien-esque novel, In the Realms of the Unreal, and provides a view into the otherworldly places created in the artworks of Adolf Wölfli, A. G. Rizzoli, Charles A. A. Dellschau, Ken Grimes and Darger. The nature of these works, which often are described as “visionary,” call attention to their makers’ sensibilities and outlooks.

“The focus of this exhibit is to posit a group of artists, like Henry Darger, whose body of work was a narrative of an alternative reality,” said Jan Petry, who co-curated the exhibit with David Syrek.

According to the art critic and author of the exhibit’s accompanying essay, Edward Gómez, “To encounter even a single image by any one of these artists, all of whom were or are primarily picture-makers, is to enter into the distinctive, imaginary world to which each one of them gave lasting, visible form.”

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