Events By Title

1st Look: Creativity Without Judgement
20/20 Visionary Ball
2010 Intuit Show of Folk & Outsider Art
2011 Intuit Show of Folk & Outsider Art
2011 Intuit Show of Folk & Outsider Art in Santa Fe
2015-16 Teacher Fellowship Program Application Deadline Extended
A Conversation with Chicago Collectors
A Glimpse at Outsider Art at SOFA Chicago 2012
A Hard Headed Heart: A Neighborhood Tour
A Jan Terri Christmas
Acme Miniature Flea Circus
Aesthetic Presentation: The Life and Work of Henry Darger
An Evening with George Kagan and Laura Shaeffer
Archiving & Amplifying Chicago’s Experimental Creativity
Art Night at Intuit
Arts and Drafts
Ashes to Ashes
by Harold Pinter

Atomic Sketch Event
Beyond Good and Evil: An Outsider’s Guide to HEAVEN+HELL
BLABWORLD Release and Signing
Black as Ink: Three Tattoo Films
Blue Star Museums Program
Book Signing: A Home of Her Own
Book Signing: The Art of Secrets
Broadcast Yourself
Bundling Against the Cold: Fabric Sculpture Workshop
Celebrate Memorial Day at Intuit
Celebrate MLK Jr. Day at Intuit
Celebrate Mother’s Day at Intuit
Celebrate President’s Day at Intuit
Cemetery Walk
Chicago Centric at Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival
Chicago Sinfonietta’s Project Inclusion Ensemble
Closet Clearance Sale
Closet Clearance Sale
Closet Clearance Sale
Closet Clearance Sale
Closet Clearance Sale
Closet Clearance Sale
Collage, Assemblage and Poetry
Art from Dreams

Commanders of the Cool
Contemporary Authors and the Artistic Process
Curator’s Talk
Curator’s Talk with Martha Henry
Curator’s Talk with Matthew Arient
Curator’s Talk: HEAVEN
Curator’s Talk: HELL
Curators’ Talk: Beyond Influence
Curator’s Talk
Curator’s Talk with Lisa Stone
Curator’s Talk with Roger Manley
Darger and the Detective
Darger in Tokyo
DHF Express Performance
DHF Express Rocks Intuit
DIY Workshop: Beaded Jewelry
DIY Workshop: Cigar Box Guitars
DIY Workshop: Face Jugs with Eddie Harris
DIY Workshop: Face Jugs with Eddie Harris
DIY Workshop: Fashion Accessories
DIY Workshop: Paint Your Pet Portrait
DIY Workshop: Show Me Mosaic
DIY Workshop: Valentine Charms
Drag City Release Event
Drawing and Collage with JJ Cromer
How Do, Stranger?

Eccentric Roadside Art Bike Tour
Eccentric Roadside Art Ride II
Ekphest: A Festival of Art + Word
Ekphrastic Poetry Writing Workshop
Envisioning Howard Finster with Norman Girardot
Esperanza Art Studio on Display at Intuit
Executive Director Meet-n-Greet
Face Time with Doc Atomic
FEED: Tastings in Food, Performance and Imagination
Film Screening: American Revolution 2
Film Screening: Dream Havana
Film Screening: Hairy Who and the Chicago Imagists
Film Screening: I Dreamed I Searched For You In Heaven
Film Screening: LaPorte, Indiana
Film Screening: Magical Universe
Film Screening: MAKE
Film Screening: My Heart is An Idiot
Film Screening: Other People’s Pictures
Film Screening: Share My Kingdom
Film Screening: The Other Brother
Film Screening: The Trials of Muhammad Ali
Film Screening: The Vivian Maier Mystery
Film Screening: Weightless
Film Screening: You Weren’t There
Film Series: Artist’s Heavens and Hells
Film Series: Literal Interpretation of Heaven
Film Series: Literal Interpretation of Hell
Film Series: Metaphorical Hell
Filmmaker Talk with Andrew Francisco
First Dibs: Closet Clearance Sale
First Dibs: Closet Clearance Sale
First Dibs: Collect-O-Rama
First Dibs: Collect-O-Rama
Gallery Talk with Mark Pascale
Gallery Talk with Susan Mitchell Crawley
Gallery Talk: Brewed in Belgium
Gallery Talk: It Takes a Hard Heart
Gallery Talk: Past Perfect
Gallery Talk: Secrets Behind the Search
Gallery Walk with Karl Wirsum
Gospel Brunch and Tour
Hands-on Workshop: Build Your Own Treasure
Happy Birthday Henry
Help Us Grow
Henry Darger Lecture
Henry Darger’s Life (&) Work
Here Lies Henry
House Tours 2010
Indiegogo Campaign to Restore Henry Darger’s Maps
Inside the Studio: A Discussion of Disability and Art
Intuit and Big Chicks
Intuit at the AltArt Fair in St. Louis
Intuit hosts The Machine’s Dispatch: Live
Intuit Raffle at Bike to the Beach Bash
Intuit tours Project Onward
Intuit Turns 20
Intuit Workshop at Remix Chicago
Intuit’s Annual Benefit Gala
Intuit’s Film Series
James Castle: Portrait of an Artist
Juxtapose: An Evening of Art, Burlesque and Music
Language in the Garden
Learn More with Colin Rhodes
Lecture and Gallery Walk with Amy Mooney
Lecture: Art from the Outside
Lecture: Contemporary Perceptions of Darger
Lecture: Radio as Creative Medium
Lecture: The Great Stream of Art
Lecture: The Weather in Darger
Little City Art Sale
MADmusée and Collecting the Self-Taught Artist
The Intuit Plays

Member Reception with Kevin Blythe Sampson
Mexican Chicago: A Story in Pictures
Midsummer Night
Mosaic Flower Pots
Mr. Imagination Paintbrush People
Museum Day Live!
Museum Day Live!
Museum Day Live!
New Music Concert Series: Flak
New Music Concert Series: FLAK
New Music Concert Series: FLAK
Opening Reception
Opening Reception & Cardboard Challenge Activity
Opening Reception for Exposed!! The Intuit Collection
Opening Reception: Lost and Found
Ordinary into the Extraordinary: A Day with David Philpot
Outside Chicago Tour: Indianapolis Museum of Art
Outside Chicago Tour: John Michael Kohler Art Center
Outside Chicago Tour: John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Outside Chicago Tour: John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Outside Chicago Tour: Milwaukee Art Museum
Outside Chicago Tour: Rockford Art Museum
Outside Chicago Tour: Russel Neswick’s Concrete Wonders
Outsider Art Environment Tour: France
Outsider Art Europe Tour
Panel Discussion: Black Identity & Politics in Art
Panel Discussion: Ethics of Conservation
Panel Discussion: Ethics of Documentary Filmmaking
Panel Discussion: Heaven and Hell on the Silver Screen
Panel Discussion: Intuit’s Founding Perspective
Panel Discussion: Projections for the Future
Panel Discussion: Tattoo Flash and Circus Banners
Panel Discussion: Who is Charles Steffen?
Panel Discussion: Who was Henry Darger?
Panel Discussion: Why Us?
Panel: Perspectives on Black Vernacular Art
Parades as Protest: A Brief Queer History of Activism in Chicago
Photography: In the Vernacular
Portrait Slam with Project Onward
Portrait Slam with Project Onward
POSTPONED! Visionary Craft: Cigar Box Guitar
Postponed: Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls
POSTPONED: The Other Room Presents Adrian and Mark Duet
Presidential Corpus: Politics of the Black Body
Privacy, Disability and Fame
Puppet Making with Blair Thomas
Rare Visions & Roadside Revelations
RAW DRAW App Launch Party
RAW DRAW at Destination: Chicago
Raw Draw at SOFA Chicago
Reading: Henry Darger, Throw-Away Boy
Recovering Western Tattooing: Text, Image, Specimen
Scrapbook Viewing and Workshop
Secret Sticker Club Chicago at Intuit
Skeletal Remains Radio Theater: Festival of Fear
Slotin Folk Art Benefit Auction
Slow Art Day
STICKS Workshop
Teacher Fellowship Program Student Exhibition Opening Reception
Thank You, Mr. I: Celebrating the World of Mr. Imagination
Panel Discussion

The Big Draw Chicago: Draw Like Darger
The Creativity of Freedom: Black Barbers and the Artistry of the Barber Shop
The Menagerie:
A Benefit for Intuit

The Mind of the Collector: Downtown
The Mind of the Collector: Uptown
The Other Room Presents Daniel Knox & John Atwood
The Other Room Presents Duck, You Sucker
The Other Room Presents Wrekmeister Harmonies
The Strange Case of Henry Darger
Vernacular Spectacular
Visionary Ball
Visionary Ball 2013
Visionary Ball 2014
Visionary Craft: Beaded Portrait
Visionary Craft: Blooming
Visionary Craft: Bookbinding
Visionary Craft: Bookbinding
Visionary Craft: Button Jewelry
Visionary Craft: DocAtomic Sculpture
Visionary Craft: Exquisite Corpse Drawing Social
Visionary Craft: Making Pictures from Pictures
Visionary Craft: Needle Felting
Visionary Craft: Tin Can Papermaking
Visionary Craft: Upcycled Fashion
Visionary Craft: Zines 101
What Does Heaven SMELL Like?
What Does Heaven TASTE Like?
Windy City Rock presents Intuit Benefit Concert
Workshop: Draw Like Darger
Workshop: Hide and Seek
Workshop: Sock Monkeyz Gone Bad!