Face Time with Doc Atomic

February 21, 2015

$40 / $35 Intuit Members
Lunch is included.

Doc Atomic will show you all the tricks to making your own unique bust.

Celebrate President’s Day at Intuit

February 16, 2015

Join Intuit for special open hours and free admission on President’s Day.

New Music Concert Series: FLAK

February 12, 2015

$5 Suggested Donation

A concert that will re-contextualize classical instruments.

Mr. Imagination Paintbrush People

January 24, 2015

$12 / $10 Intuit Members

Artist Charlie Heinrich pays tribute to Mr. I’s iconic image of paintbrush people.

Celebrate MLK Jr. Day at Intuit

January 19, 2015

Join Intuit for special open hours and free admission on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Curator’s Talk with Martha Henry

January 10, 2015

Free and open to the public

Experience the first Chicago retrospective for Mr. Imagination.

A Jan Terri Christmas

December 20, 2014

$5 Suggested Donation

A night of celebration featuring the premiere of Terri’s latest, never-before-seen music video.

Film Screening: Hairy Who and the Chicago Imagists

December 11, 2014

$8 / $5 Intuit Members

The wild, woolly, utterly irreverent story of the Chicago Imagists.

Visionary Craft: Bookbinding

December 6, 2014

$25 / $20 Intuit Member

Learn bookbinding techniques that can be applied to a variety of projects.

A Conversation with Chicago Collectors

December 4, 2014

Free and open to the public

An open discussion from the perspective of three major collectors.